GlasMax (ZR)

Thermally insulated, sound attenuating acoustic “glazed-in” ventilator. The GlasMax (ZR) offers significantly better sound-damping values when compared to standard ventilators, making it ideally suited for situations associated with low sound exposure levels. The ventilator allows a combination with the DucoMax (ZR) sound absorbing ventilators in projects with noise-exposed façades and light noise exposed façades. The (optional) self regulating ventilation flap provides a significant net energy gain. The removable inner grille performs as insect screen and is easy to clean.


  • Handle, cord and rod control
  • Easy to remove inner grille performing as insect screening.
  • Twin colour is available
  • Quite suitable for aluminium, timber and PVCu window frames
  • Use of unique internal couplers giving exceptionally high strength and rigidity.
  • Ideally suited for situations associated with low sound exposur
  • Self-regulating flap (available as an option) results in an energy gain
  • High air throughput and superior damping values
  • “Active closing” allows for superb wind and water tightness.
  • Thermoplastic components are available in white or in black
  • 10 year DUCO warantee
  • /green status indication (closed/open position)