DucoSun Cubic

DucoSun Cubic is an external architectural awning system made from extruded aluminium blades. The DucoSun Cubic Intermediate is a fixed system where the blades are installed in-between the structure and form a tight whole. DucoSun Cubic can also be installed as a fixed continuous awning system by using the Unifit system. DucoSun Cubic Intermediate & Unifit (under 0°) systems can be integrated in both a vertical and a horizontal system.

DucoSun Cubic can also be installed as an adjustable system. DucoSun Cubic movable guarantees a uniform façade appearance as well the best possible shade in the closed position where the blades are inline with the façade plane. The right-angled blades that are installed on site in the structure provide a tight and aesthetic design.

DucoSun Cubic ensures a good balance between awning and light entry without changing the colour of the incident light, prevents glare and keeps the room cool.


  • Optimum balance between light entry & awning
  • Very tight design
  • The unique right-angled blades ensure a uniform and aesthetic façade appearance in the open & closed position
  • DucoSun Cubic can be installed as a fixed or a movable system