The issue of noise plays an important role in a largely urban society. That’s why the government demands minimum sound-proofing for outside walls and maximum noise thresholds in residential areas and spaces. The ventilation used is usually the criterion for an outer wall’s sound-proofing. In the highly complex field of sound absorbing ventilation, Duco has managed to build up an outstanding reputation.

Duco ‘Ventilation & Sun Control’ offers a wide range of acoustic products, ensuring that a fitting solution is almost always feasible, whatever your sound-absorption needs. That range includes comprehensive series of sound absorbing ventilators (DucoMax, MiniMax and GlasMax) and natural wall-dampers (Silenzio). Besides acoustic and air-technical performances, the development of Duco acoustic products is strongly focused on functionality, quality, simplicity of assembly, comfort and design… but that speaks for itself.

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