DucoMax (ZR)

Sound-absorbing ventilators with design exterior profile, available in three different versions (BudgetLine, SoftLine and LouvreLine), which have no impact on performance. In other words, performance is the same whatever the type of ventilator. DucoMax is a very innovative, trendsetting generation of sound-absorbing ventilators that not only combine the very handsome Duco design and outstanding acoustic and air-technical performances, but also numerous unique technical characteristics. The main advantages are:


  • die-cast” rather than “smooth” end plates = fast assembly and outstanding stability
  • Self-regulating flap (available as an option) results in an energy gain
  • DucoMax is no longer resin coated = short delivery terms
  • Application of unique internal connecting pieces ensure very high stiffness and strength
  • Thermoplastic components are available in white or in black
  • Unique thermal break by the‚ Slide & Fix‚ system
  • "Active closing"‚ allows for superb wind and water tightness.
  • Easy to remove inner grille performing as insect screening.
  • Quite suitable for aluminium, timber and PVCu window frames.
  • "Injection moulded"‚ rather than ‚ flat‚ end caps = quick to install and excellent stability
  • Use of unique internal couplers giving exceptionally high strength and rigidity.
  • Major air supply and superior absorption values
  • Very fast delivery enabled by vertically integrated Just-In-Time Manufacturing
  • Red/green status indication (closed/open position)
  • Handle, cord and rod control
  • 10 year Duco warranty