DucoGrille Solid F 30Z

The DucoGrille Solid are ‘Glazed-in’ vents made of aluminium. The Solid range distinguishes itself due to the use of punched, ‘stackable’ blades. This ensures a robustness that has never been seen before of the grille in combination with a unique and tight design (Z-blade). In addition, the stackable block blade guarantees a fast and simple installation.

The blades of  ‘F 30/24Z’ and ‘F 30/28Z’ glazed in vents are available, if required, with 2 types of punching that are also used as insect screening. In addition to a standard punching (P1), additional large punching is available (P2) that guarantees a net airflow up to 47%! All the DucoGrille Solid range grilles are also available as non-punched blades to apply as decorative grilles (non-functional). The grilles are provided as standard in Natural F1 (15-20 µm) and are available in all RAL colours (60-80 µm) on request.


  • The ‘stacked’ blades guarantee a unique robustness
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Intensive ventilation (net airflow up to 47%)
  • The Z-shaped blade ensures a tight design
  • Very fast delivery terms